Bayonetta’s Proportion Party

Bayonetta joins Nintendo's greatest mascots

In case you haven’t heard, Bayonetta’s latest adventure is going to be a Wii U exclusive. Good thing all the other characters in the Nintendo stable are 18 heads tall, have mammoth thighs and roomy bosoms– wouldn’t want the poor girl to feel out of place!

(Also, if you’re looking for something to add to your Autumn reading list, take a cue from Luke and read Atlas of the Human Anatomy for the Artist. It’s illuminating.)

Rejected Nintendo Land Attractions

Behold Nintendo Land, the greatest theme park that ever wasn’t!

When Nintendo Land swings wide its virtual gates this November visitors will enjoy such attractions as Metroid Blast, Animal Crossing: Sweet Day, and Octopus Dance!

These attractions are sure to represent the apex of Nintendo magic. But, surely during the park’s imagineering some attractions must have been rejected for being unsafe or inappropriate for the Mii masses. Join us on a journey of imagination as we explore which attractions may have been rejected by the giant floating head of Iwata-san.

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Level 003: Apple iTinis

Mayan Scientists (Mayacists?) predicted that the world would end in 2012. So, we probably won’t be playing many video games in 2013.

But, on the off chance that a Mayacist misplaced a decimal point or quetzalcoatl head, we discuss Apple & Nintendo’s latest unveilings along with Steam’s Big Picture mode.

Join Rick, Justin, Setch, Matthew, and James on a voyage beyond the end of time as we probe the depths of the iOS gaming, Valve’s benevolant tyranny, and the adorkably quirksome WiiU.

Learn about primitive game apes and the beautiful arc of their bananas, surprising uses for portals, and what happens when one of the podcast ingredients is 99 proof. Also, enjoy a good laugh at the expense of orphans. Yes friends, this week’s episode is bursting at the seams and slurring at the mouth with listening pleasure.

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