Level 006: Mario Paint Muse

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Art lovers and other fruitcakes, your muse is at hand! Modern video game machinery puts the power of creation in your sweaty palms. “The Power is Yours!” as Captain Planet would say. But, instead of saving the environment we are more likely to use our super powers to draw genitals.

Thrill as Setch, Matt, and James discuss such creative titles as Mario Paint, Art Academy, Colors 3D, WarioWare DIY, Second Life, Minecraft, The Sims, Spore, Bad Piggies, and fur suits. That last one isn’t exactly a game, but it’s kind of covered by Second Life.

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Level 004: Handsome Jack & Coke

What happens when three giddy gays who have never played a first person shooter jump into one of the rootinest tootenist shooters of our time? Find out, as Justin, Setch, Matt, and James discuss all the vault hunting and loot snatching action in Borderlands 2!

Rest assured that first multiplayer experiences are often awkward. Players may not know what they’re doing, and that might make them self conscious at first. But once they relax and open up, the experience can actually be quite pleasurable.

This week’s episode is brought to you by the Handsome Jack & Coke cocktail. You can find the recipe in the episode, or at PrettyPrettyPixel.com. And, you are always welcome to tweet all over us @ppPixel, or send a mail to mail@prettyprettypixel.com.

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Level 003: Apple iTinis

Mayan Scientists (Mayacists?) predicted that the world would end in 2012. So, we probably won’t be playing many video games in 2013.

But, on the off chance that a Mayacist misplaced a decimal point or quetzalcoatl head, we discuss Apple & Nintendo’s latest unveilings along with Steam’s Big Picture mode.

Join Rick, Justin, Setch, Matthew, and James on a voyage beyond the end of time as we probe the depths of the iOS gaming, Valve’s benevolant tyranny, and the adorkably quirksome WiiU.

Learn about primitive game apes and the beautiful arc of their bananas, surprising uses for portals, and what happens when one of the podcast ingredients is 99 proof. Also, enjoy a good laugh at the expense of orphans. Yes friends, this week’s episode is bursting at the seams and slurring at the mouth with listening pleasure.

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Level 002: Gyshal Greens

Rick, Justin, Setch, James, and the occasional Matthew celebrate the 25th anniversary of Final Fantasy in gay old style by imbibing Gyshal Greens and chatting about everything from character crushes to Ultros’s awesome octopussiness.

Join us in summoning up some fun in this week’s exciting episode. And, don’t forget that you can tweet at us via @pppixel, or spam us through mail@prettyprettypixel.com.

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Level 001: Princess Peach Bellinis

Matt, Rick, Setch, Justin, and James gather at the altar of Super Mario to discuss the plucky plumber’s latest game, his greatest accomplishments, and his tush. Which is sort of an accomplishment.

We also marvel at the technological marvel that is the Nintendo 3DS XL. Is this massive portal into the third dimension a work of witchcraft? If listening to the show gives you ear warts, the answer may be yes. The answer may also be HPV. Sorry about that.

As if that wasn’t enough, you may discover troubling truths rocking the foundations of the Mushroom Kingdom, off-label uses for Nintendo Power magazine, and how to make your own Princess Peach bellini at home.

If all this has wet your warp whistle, I invite – no command – you to enjoy this week’s episode of the Pretty Pretty Pixel podcast featuring New Super Mario Bros. 2, the Nintnedo 3DS XL, and an eerily spot on impression of Toadsworth.

(Bee Tee Dubs: Spoliers Ahoy)

Some Sound Effects & Music from: http://www.freesfx.co.uk

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