Level 005: Humble Pie Mudslides

Humble Bundle 6 is on the menu featuring such scrumptious dishes as Torchlight, Bit Trip Runner, Shatter, Wizorb, Jamestown, Gratuitous Space Battles, Dustforce, Vessel, Space Pirates and Zombies, and Rochard.

The time has come for Rick, Justin, Setch, Matt, and James to feel pretty smug about their awesome selves because they’ve supported indie game development and starving children in one fell swoop. Possibly. We’re not exactly sure how this works.

Also on the gay agenda, unlock the wild mysteries of the Tokyo Jungle, come by wave with the Denpa Men, jump Faster Than Light, and explore the shadowy depths of Yakuza pachinko dens with a friendly unicorn.

If that isn’t enough for a free audio programme for the ear holes, I don’t know what is!

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Pretty Potables: Humble Pie Mudslide

Humble Pie MudslidePut down the Tecate and break out the food stamps and trustfund checks, because it’s time for an indie treat that’ll have you bursting out of those skinny jeans in no time. In honor of the Humble Indie Bundle 6, we’ve whipped up a Humble Pie Mudslide, a confection that has all the deliciously ironic accessibility of a night at T.G.I.Friday’s and is hand crafted with locally sourced generic shit.

  • Miscellaneous Coffee Liqueur
  • Off-brand Irish Creme
  • Grotty Vodka
  • Store Label Half & Half
  • Dubious Vanilla Extract
  • Not-Oreos
  • Refrozen Ice Cubes

Toss everything into a blender and grind away until you have a pungent sludge that looks and smells amazing. Pour into up-cycled 40 oz. bottle in a brown paper bag. Some separation will occur as the drink settles. This is a metaphor for how you will separate from your ideals and dreams as you settle down and become totes mainstream. Feel anxiety. Listen to Girl Talk. Remind yourself that your taste in things is what makes you superior to other people.