Level 004: Handsome Jack & Coke

What happens when three giddy gays who have never played a first person shooter jump into one of the rootinest tootenist shooters of our time? Find out, as Justin, Setch, Matt, and James discuss all the vault hunting and loot snatching action in Borderlands 2!

Rest assured that first multiplayer experiences are often awkward. Players may not know what they’re doing, and that might make them self conscious at first. But once they relax and open up, the experience can actually be quite pleasurable.

This week’s episode is brought to you by the Handsome Jack & Coke cocktail. You can find the recipe in the episode, or at PrettyPrettyPixel.com. And, you are always welcome to tweet all over us @ppPixel, or send a mail to mail@prettyprettypixel.com.

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