What’s in a Name?

Hey guys, can you believe there was a time before Pretty Pretty Pixel was a thing? It’s true! It was so not a thing that it didn’t even have a name.

Mr. T Experience once wrote, “You’re an anomaly, that’s a thing without a name…” That is not what anomaly means! But it is what Pretty Pretty Pixel was. And that was a thing that could not stand! Like a table with one really long leg. Which would be an anomaly.

For your voyeuristic pleasure, let us take a peak behind Pretty Pretty Pixel’s meat curtain and enjoy the sausage being made, (it’s OK to mix metaphors if they’re both meat related) as we unravel the mystery of the pretty pretty title.

Homosexual Video Game Time Machine

This was the working title of the podcast. It has some advantages. For instance, it kind of says it all. And you’re darn tootin’ that the domain was available.

On the other hoof, that’s a lot of syllables wrap your mouth or your typing fingers around. And, they don’t collapse nicely into an acronym or jazzy abbreviation.

So we began a quest to combine all the ideas within Homosexual Video Game Time Machine into a title with all the pizzazz of Pizzazz, but without all the clumsy of Clumsy.

Game Tropes

Some of the names considered drew from video game hardware or in-game tropes. Like:

  • Save Point
  • Private Lobby
  • Double Experience
  • Multi-Tap Radio
  • Ghost Data
  • Alt-Ending

Time Travel

Some focused on the time travel aspect. Including:

  • Time Attack +
  • Coin-Op Time Machine 2600
  • Time Cruising Game Pod
  • Fairy Fountain Time Machine
  • Time Poppers
  • Clocksuckers
  • Fucks Capacitor
  • Timehole Tickler
  • Glory Hole Time Tube
  • Destination Fudge Pak Future

Retro Game Nostalgia

Others keyed into honey trap of video game nostalgia. Such as:

  • Is That a Zapper in your Pocket?
  • Corrupted Memory Slot
  • Lost Password Theater
  • Neo Homo Pocket Wonder Swan Color
  • Where in Time are the Queer Homosexuals?
  • Do a Video Game Nostalgia Roll!
  • Birdo’s Marvelous Old-Timey LGBT Pod-Programme

Simply Gay

Some just kept it gay. As in:1Up – Your AssGet N (my butt) or Get Out

  • Bit-Swish 2000
  • Gay N’ Watch
  • Party N’ Play
  • Get N (my butt) or Get Out
  • 1 Up – My Ass
  • Now You’re Playing with Poofters
  • Fag-a-Rama
  • Homochron 7800
  • I herd U liek Bumsex
  • A Wiener is You

Terrible Puns

While still another category simply could not resist the siren song of the pun. To whit:

  • Homo Trigger
  • Double Drag Queen
  • Super Smash Boners
  • A Link to my Ass
  • Cocksylvania Advance
  • Day of the Testicle
  • Spooge Raider
  • Super Mantroid
  • Majora’s Musk
  • Mortal Cumbat
  • The Misadventures of B.J. Hungry Bottom
  • The Secret of Man-Ass
  • Pansy Dragoon
  • The Super Mario Boners Super Show
  • Ass Effect
  • Gotse & Gobblings

Pretty Pretty Pixel

Of the nearly 200 names shotgunned onto the list, only one was close to where we ended up: Pixel Pixies Excellent Adventure.

Pretty Pretty Pixel was thrown out during the recording of the first episode, felt right, and registered pretty much on the spot. And the rest is history!

What would you have called the show? Do you have any puns, randy couplets, or clever bum bum jokes that relate to video gamery? If so, leave a comment or tweet at the pppixel? Who’s it going to hurt?

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