The Indiest Indie Game

Searching through an old lady’s estate sale we came across an radically gross blouse that totally shows off our chest hair, and an old vinyl record with Willie Nelson reciting the titles of the most indie indie games ever made. If think your personal brand is authentic enough to check these games out, read on.

  • Williamsburger Time
  • Rock Band: Bon Iver Edition.
  • Wooly Willy. The official video game of the classic toy.
  • Kick the Can. Video games are so mainstream. Taking it back to the original game from the streets. Real players use genuine cans from the turn of the century.
  • Requiem for a Dreamcast.
  • Marcel Duchamp’s Wii Wii Water Sports.
  • The TMNT Water Dam Level Editor
  • BreFreak-Knitted — It’s like Bejewelled, except instead of match 3, you’re supposed to match zero.
  • Mavis Beacon Teaches Hopelandic.
  • Sim Clerks.
  • VintageBoy. Challenge time and space in this platformer by picking out the greatest used clothes of all time so you can wear them UNironically.
  • Morrisey Kong Jr. Math.
  • Artisanal Soap Bubble Bobble.
  • Tofurky Presents: Flag Football 2012.
  • Waka-Waka: Pac-Man’s Labyrinth of Regret and Substance Abuse
  • Indie Quest. In this RPG in the vein of early Dragon Quest, collect the perfect team of skinny dudes impervious to selling out and save mankind with killer riffs and sexy hair. Whoosh!
  • “The Forgotten Hours…” An 8-bit interactive journey, showing you 12 hours in the life of a tank top that fell of the rack at an Urban Outfitters.
  • Slumdog Megaman.
  • Zineboy. Fixed Gear.
  • Leaves of Grass – Spiritual Successor to Flower. Watch the grass grow. Don’t do anything.
  • ZombieZombieZombie. Surely this zombie game will be the zombie game that stands out the zombie most in the Zombie App Store. Zombie.
  • Sincerely, Esther (It’s a prequel).
  • Little Miss Sun Shinobi.
  • Ennui. On Wii.
  • MangaMania. A manga maker from the developers of TrackMania and ShootMania.
  • Super (Ah, You’ve Probably Never Heard of Them) Bros.
  • Grand Theft Food Truck.
  • Legend of Zelda: Ukelele of Feelings.
  • Mario Party: Based on the Novel ‘Push’ by Sapphire.

You know, now that you’ve read these they aren’t cool anymore. So why don’t you start a new thing nobody’s ever heard of. Leave your indiest indie game in the comments, or tweet at us @ppPixel.

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