Pretty Potables: Gyshal Greens

Gyshal GreensInĀ preparationĀ for this week’s episode of the podcast, mix up a batch of Gyshal Greens, a refreshing summer cocktail that’s sure to bring all the chocobos to the yard.

Start by making an Arnold Palmer. Combine equal parts:

  • Iced Tea
  • Lemonade

If you’d like, you can make it into a Laura Palmer by wrapping it in plastic and talking backwards.

Gin up the teetotaling treat with some gin. Add mint leaves for that wild zest. Serve over ice. Kweh.

Please be aware that riding chocobos who are under the influence may be illegal in some states. Check with your local sheriff, maester, or Fal’cie god face before riding.


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